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What Zac Does


Zac has worked in the games industry for 5+ years, designing imaginative products for commercial and personal use. An adept problem solver, Zac is always looking to work with talented individuals and help overcome game development challenges.


As a Unity Certified Developer, Zac is fully equipped to create games from the ground up or assist in the development of existing projects. Zac is a team player who enjoys working with others, and he is also a skilled and understanding manager.


Zac excels at communicating complex ideas in approachable ways. He serves as an adviser to other game developers, speaks at colleges and universities about pursuing games as a career, and has taught at multiple schools.

Commercial Titles

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Zardy's Maze

Lead Developer


Console Port Developer


Producer, Lead Developer

Itch Collections

Games made live in under 3 hours!
Gamedev Trainwreck

Sole Developer

One-a-week Games

Sole Developer

Future Projects

In development!
Skate Fish

Producer, Lead Developer

Zardy's Maze 2

Lead Developer

About Me

In 2015, I graduated from the University of Akron with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a minor degree in Entrepreneurship.

I worked as an embedded software engineer intern and test engineer intern at Rockwell Automation during the summers of my college career, and I successfully paid off my college loans. The extra money I had saved up has allowed me to work independently ever since.

In 2019, I released my first commercial project, BOMBFEST, with a small team of collaborators. Since then, I have been pursuing future projects and contract work.

I am an active member of my church community, and I facilitate bible studies weekly. My faith is incredibly valuable to me, and I hope to be a blessing to anyone God brings into my life.

My goals include opening a game development studio, working on more commercial projects, and growing a self-supporting community of creative and motivated individuals.